The Best Fly Fishing Books

This book is a complete how-to guide with clear, concise descriptions of the best surface and subsurface techniques to help catch more trout. Included is information about the rise, lies, foods, tying knots, reading moving water and much more. Inside are more than 200 photographs. From learning about trout habitat and choosing fly-fishing equipment to casting techniques and landing trout, this book will make the beginner or the veteran a more successful angler, no matter where they fish for trout. Chapters Include: Fly-Fishing Equipment - Basic Fly-Fishing Skills - Trout & Their Environment - Subsurface Fly-Fishing Techniques  - Surface Fly-Fishing Techniques - Hooking & Landing Trout

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Fly Fishing Pressured Water

As fly fishing increases in popularity and rivers and streams become more congested, anglers must come up with strategies to fool the bright and finicky fish. Through years of experimentation both on the water and at the vise, Lloyd Gonzales has developed techniques for tying artificial mayflies, sedges, stoneflies, and baitfish that focus on general styles of flies and variations to deal with specific challenges to catch tricky trout. This modern fly-style approach, focusing on a fly's design and construction rather than on a specific pattern, is applicable to more situations and more easily adjusted to match local insects than the traditional pattern approach. The fly style approach is orderly--styles progress through the book, establishing a framework that can support any skill level and type of water--and fluid, allowing for experimentation and a personal flair, a key to tying flies that bring success on fly-saturated pressured water.

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