Trout Fishing Tips

Tip #1 Keep it small and light 
This is one of the things you learn quickly, the lighter the gear the better. While there are a couple of general rules of thumb when it comes to rod size 5 - 6 foot seems to be the best. Likewise your reel shoud not be to large as it also acts as a balance for your rod. To test this simply try to balance you rod by placing your thumb under the rod butt just infront of the reel. If the rod and reel are well matched it will balance evenly at this point. If not then consider either reducing your rods size or the weight of your reel. Keeping in mind of course that first you need to have line on your reel.

Tip#2 Presentation                                                                                                                                                         This crucial - you must present your bait in the most natural manner possible. Trout are intelligent, if the bait/lure/fly your using doesn't look right your waisting your time. Consider the layout of the area your fishing, see how the stream flows, watch for swirls and eddies. Test the flow, toss a small leaf in and watch how it plays and runs. This is what you need to mimmic. I guarantee you that trout spot their prey long before it reaches them and this is what you want to achieve. You want to deliver your best effort in such a manner that it appears totaly natural and lures the trout to it. Remember you are stalking the trout.

Tip #3 Clothing                                                                                                                                                            Okay so you'd think this was pretty obvious Yes? No I am still amazed at how often I see blokes out there stalking trout in bright or unsuitable gear. "Hello they can see you". I'll keep this part reel simple "CAMOUFLAGE" Trust me it works.

Tip #4 Location
Choosing the right spot to fish is an art in itself. The first thing to consider is your approach, I've seen many a person blow it just in the way they approach a fishing spot. Heres the basic rule of thumb, from a distance you see what may be a good spot to fish. Theres a bit of backwash perhaps and eddy, overhanging trees or boulders submerged where trout love to hide. Now approach the spot quietly from up stream, make sure you don't throw a shadow over the water. Look for signs of activity, a change in the water flow a flash or perhaps a fin line against the current. Remember your stalking the trout.

Tip #5 Casting get this part wrong and you might as well go home.
The key here is to overcome the drag so that you set your fly with about 3 - 4 feet of free line above and over your fish. The best way to achieve this is to cast harder than necessary and once the rod is overhead, pull back slightly as if in a jerk which will result in a recoil effect and cause your line to fall in a series of "S"'s or curves on the surface. Now it's time to let the current do the rest. If done correctly the current will drag out the curves in your line before theres any impact on your fly, thus giving you the extra few feet of drag free line.

Trout Fishing Tips